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2019 Harmony Day Mural Completion

To celebrate Harmony Day this year, a group of students worked with indigenous artist Treahna Hamm to complete a colourful mural at Beechworth Primary School. The mural represents both our local area as well as our links with indigenous culture and our sister school in Indonesia. The students used inspiration from the local environment around Beechworth to represent Australia, including native animals, the hills and trees. For the Indonesian part they drew on batik-style designs of tropical flowers and jungle vines as well as tropical fruit. Tying it all together is a bright blue swirl, which can be used to
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Royal Flying Doctor Service Incursion

On the 14th-15th of March the Royal Flying Doctor Service simulator visited Beechworth Primary School. The instructors, Tom and Campbell, spoke to the students about the important role the Royal Flying Doctors Service plays in the community. The students visited the aeroplane simulator and viewed the important equipment carried by the Service. There wasn’t a lot of room in the aircraft and the bed for patients wasn’t very wide.  It was exciting to see a full sized section of a working aircraft at Beechworth Primary School!
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