Junior Classes F-2

The Junior Unit at Beechworth Primary School welcomes and guides the youngest members of our learning community. It is the Junior unit in which our students begin their learning journey and is therefore, an environment of excitement and curiosity. It is here where the students in Prep to Year Two develop the building blocks for learning in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Our approach nurtures individuals to develop as young people who take increasing responsibility for their own physical wellbeing, their own learning and relationships with others. Our classrooms provide opportunities for students to work with their teachers and peers in a variety of methods suited to the diverse needs of our children.

At Beechworth Primary School all classes attend Art, P.E and Indonesian on a weekly basis. In addition to these specialists classes the Junior Unit offer these programs and learning opportunities:

  • An extensive Kinder to School Transition & Buddy Program
  • A bank of iPads and a number of classroom computers
  • A whole school approach to the Sound Waves Program
  • MAPPEN as our integrated studies framework which stems from the Victorian Curriculum covering the Humanities subjects and Science.
  • An annual Junior Production starring all Junior students, with Grade 2 students in leading roles.