Welcome to the Beechworth Primary School website

At Beechworth Primary School we have a lovely blend of new and old. We value and pay respect to our long history, and look forwards to an innovative and collaborative learning environment where students are encouraged to embrace all opportunities. Communication, critical thinking, and sustainability are at the core of our learning. Strong learning partnerships with our families and the wider school community are important to us.

We have a strong focus on deep learning in Literacy and Numeracy, which underpins learning in all other curriculum areas. We encourage global thinking and citizenship, and work hard at preparing students to be confident and successful in the new digital age and their life beyond school.

We would love you to visit our school.

We, Beechworth Primary School, would like to thank and pay our respect to the Aboriginal carers & guardians of this land past, present and emerging. We share this respect to all First Nation people of Australia.

We are grateful for the wetlands, the rocks, the water, the fairy tree and all the animals we share Beechworth with.