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Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership Foundation – Grade 2 On Tuesday 31st October 2017 the Junior School took part in a Responsible Pet Ownership presentation. This presentation was all about how to live safely with dogs. Robbie the puppy came along to BPS with Glenys and taught us all about how to make good choices around dogs. Students learned that dogs need a collar with a name tag, a fence to keep the dog safe in the yard, food and water, toys to play with, and a grown up to look after them. When we play with our dogs we need to
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Digital Maker Week

On Tuesday some Grade 6 students set off to the old gaol in Beechworth to participate in ACRE’s Digital Maker Week. The session was run by a very knowledgeable man called Tim Gentle and his company Think Digital. The students were very fortunate enough to get hands on to do the following: take a 360 degree photo using the app “Google Streetview”. take a 360 degree video using YouTube 360. experience an underwater virtual reality where you could walk around and touch urchins and jellyfish. For the more brave, finding an angler fish in the dark! use a smart phone to
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