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Senior Art

The Senior Art classes have finished off the year by completing an individual canvas work.  These works have always been a favourite for the older kids, they have the chance to show how much they’ve learned through their Senior Art years. For the year 3’s, it was an opportunity to create an art work for a specific audience.  The students were free to choose the medium which they used for their final piece, it could have been an oil pastel drawing, a collage, a pencil drawing or many other things, most students decided to paint their work.  Below are some
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Responsible Pet Ownership

Diana and her cavoodle, Basil, visited our school on Monday 26th November. Diana taught us about ways to be safe around dogs. We learnt no matter how cute a dog is, if there is no owner and no lead, we don’t pat the dog. If the dog is on a lead and with its owner, you ask the owner if it safe to pat their dog. We also learnt if we are confronted by an angry dog we make ourselves look as boring as possible so the angry dog loses interest and goes away. Some children from each class were
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