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Junior Production 2019

A class eagerly hurries to the library for a session with Chez.  They are confronted with a locked door with a note attached.  “Had to dash my lovelies, back soon” Where could Chez have got to? The children have a lot of ideas about what has her running late.  From first aid to fairy trees, they’ll be plenty of singing and dancing until Chez arrives. Our Junior production practice is well underway as we look forward to performing it at the Beechworth Memorial Hall on Thursday the 12th of December.  This year our performance is a tribute to one of
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Pie and Donut Drive Order Forms

If you happen to need a to download/print a copy of the Pie/Donut drive the links are below. SRC Donut Drive SRC Pie Drive Albury Riverside Bakery entered the Australian Best Pie Competition with these results: Gold – Curry Chicken Silver – Beef, Curry, Mushroom and slow cooked shredded beef Bronze – Pastie
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