Anne Frank Exhibition Excursion

Anne Frank was an interesting experience. When we entered the Burke Museum we were all hit with giant boards full of writing and when we started to read them we all realised they were chapters from her diary. Tucked away in the far corner was a small TV with what looked to be a narrated story of Anne’s point of view. When we sat down on the chairs provided, we listened and watched why and where she hid during the war. Anne lived in her secret house behind her real house with her mum, dad, and sister, they all lived in the small space not able to leave together. They were all sadly found, except Anne’s father. Anne, her mother and sister got put into a concentration camp and died. When we all left, everyone had learnt something new and how brutal the war was. Overall, the Anne Frank expedition was very intriguing. I’d love to go back!

Isla & Maggie