At Beechworth Primary School we follow The Victorian Curriculum and provide a comprehensive Visual Arts program specific to both Junior and Senior students.

Every child participates in a weekly session with the focus on making and responding through the following principles:

  • Explore and Express Ideas – By observing and experimenting, students view the conventions of various art forms and incorporate these into their own creations.
  • Visual Art Practices – Students are given the opportunity to learn and master skills and techniques in the area of design and creating, with the incorporation of modern technologies.
  • Present and Perform – The artwork of students is exhibited both within the school  and wider community.  Senior students work towards creating a major art piece, to be part of a large exhibition.
  • Respond and Interpret – As well as creating their own work, students examine the work of Indigenous and International Artists both past and present.  They are encouraged to reflect upon the meanings, beliefs and values in the work of other Artists.

We are privileged to offer this program at Beechworth Primary School programmed and planned by specialist Art teacher with a dedicated and well-resourced Art room.