Athletics Carnival 2019

It was a lovely day down on the school oval; chilly because of the wind but still a nice day to be running around!

This year was the closest we’ve ever seen the results as far as I can remember. The difference between 1st and 4th was just 8 points. Having close scores mean that each team participated and “ribboned” fairly equally which is a great reflection of the day!

Ingram – 248

Sambell – 250

Kerferd – 253

Fletcher – 256

We found ourselves with an extra hour up our sleeves in the middle of the day so we added in some novelty races. We did the sack race and the balloon popping relay (teachers included) which was a hoot and a half to watch.

I just wanted to congratulate the sports house captains who did an amazing job leading their teams on the day. They were given a packet of information and responsibilities to hand out values tickets and coordinate their teams for relays and novelty events. They were also super helpful in getting our equipment all packed up.

Kerferd: Darcy P and Zoe B

Ingram: Archie B

Fletcher: Jarrah E, Tess N and Billy T

Sambell: Jade L and Jack P

Thank you to the staff who arrived early to help get the carnival all set up and ready for the kids to get straight into at 9am. Nadine W, Jane N, Dale W, Deb R

A big thank you to Susan Billman and Rick Robinson who were my volunteer right hand man/woman for the day. I would have been utterly under the pump if it wasn’t for your extra helping hands. Also a shout out to Thali O who helped distribute the ribbons to the winners after the race completion.


District Athletics will be on 5th September at the athletics track in Albury next to the hockey fields. BPS will be coordinating bus transport for students who made it through. Eligible attendees will be notified closer to the end of term.