Bonegilla Migrant Experience – 30 March 2022

By Hazel C

‘Yay today I get to go on my excursion to Bonegilla’ I shouted at Violet. Today the 3\4s were going to Bonegilla for our excursion. Me and my friend are going to be bus partners like we arranged yesterday. First, we got to school and marked the roll. Then we went outside and waited a bit then we got on the bus. Me and my friend sat next to each other, my friend sat next to the window. It was a very long bus ride so me and my friend played pat a cake and we didn’t know the song so we made our own and it went something like this: pat a cake pat a cake bakers man bake me a cake as fast as you can better be sweet better be sour better be sugary and better than this tower. And we played it all the way to Bonegilla. When we finally got there we sorted into two lines, one was Ms Nicks the other was my class. Next, we went to a concrete place where we sat down and had fruit snack for 10 minutes. Ms Nicks class went on a tour of Bonegilla while we played some games like: finshka, bowls, Bocce and quoits. I was a team captain and we played bowls first then we played finshka then Bocce. After a while the other group came back and we had lunch for a while and put our stuff away. Then we went on our tour and we had a look at a big house. That was one big house, that was one big family room it had three gate wire beds and a cot, then we moved on and went to some much smaller houses that were only one room. There was one room with three chairs. Then we looked at some more houses that were called the deluxe houses. The deluxe houses had two rooms, there was a room with two beds and in the other room a big suit case. On one side there was some draws and on the other there was some hangers on a rack. Next, we went to a place called Tudor Hall it had some pictures of Queens and Kings (2 Queens and 2 Kings) and there was a stack of draws that you opened to see what they packed in their suitcases and there was some drawings you could do. We spent about ten minutes in there then we went to a place called the mess hall which was were you got your food, then you went in to a place where you ate your food, then we went in to a place where we watched a clay animation show about Bonegilla, then we went to a place with to a place with two double sided walls full of people’s names then we went to a big climbing frame and we played on it for a bit then we went back to the other class and we went back to school. It was the best excursion ever!