Borambola Year 5 and 6 Camp

This year the year 5/6 students went to Borambola sport and recreation reserve for camp. They did all sorts of activities for building teamwork, making new friends and, generally had a good time. They travelled by bus for 196 km for 2 hours and 33 minutes.

An extremely fun activity was the mud run. They all ran through shallow pits of cold, watery mud. Over small mounds of wet dirt, down in cold pits of mud, under old tires, leaping over small poles. They all participated and had fun! Look at that! Teachers in the mud! Go Mrs Tag and Mrs Anders! Good job.

Archery was a blast! Each individual person learnt how to use a bow and arrow to shoot at a target. Everyone tried their best and had a lot of fun. Everyone was safe throughout the entire activity. Good job everyone!

Everyone enjoyed this one… the flying fox! It was a big zip-line. Everyone climbed a really high tower and zipped down on a long rope. Here is one 5/6 student doing it. Everyone encouraged each other and stepped out of their comfort zones.

Rock climbing! They loved this! This one was all about teamwork. Each person was hooked up to a rope to make sure they didn’t fall when they climbed. The team was in charge of using the rope to make sure their climber was safe and didn’t fall. Luckily we all took care of each other!

Each night in the recreation hall there were different activities that we had to do. They were the Mini Olympics and the Borambola Show. These activities were awesome fun. We built teamwork and afterwards we went to bed feeling really happy from the fun we’d had.

Dinner! The food at Borambola was always delicious. We could not wait for each meal time after a long day of activities. Especially Mr Forrest couldn’t wait to get started eating each meal, as you can see from the photograph.

Overall, camp was amazing and we’re really glad we got to have such a fun experience. Big thanks to all the teachers, parent helpers, bus drivers and Borambola staff for helping us have such a great time. Thank you.

Reported By Dorian Ellis