BPS Social Enterprise

A portion of 5/6 RAFA are participating in the Sausage Sizzle Social Enterprise as a way of raising money for the Red Cross while also gaining experience in how to run a business.

The group started working in term three, preparing for their first Sausage Sizzle, which is taking place on Friday the 21st of September.

Every member has an important role to play in this business and we have split up into finance, marketing, social and preparation teams. 

The Social Enterprise is being run by Scott Forrest, one of the teachers of 5/6 RAFA, and we plan on continuing this business all the way through into next year if the first sausage sizzle goes well.  Hopefully expanding our products range! 

The team is considering that next term we team up our food with a dress up day. With donations being put into the ‘Buy a Bale’ foundation.

Zoe R.