BPS Swimming Carnival

What a perfect day today for our Swimming Carnival!
Our day started at 9.15 with a brisk walk down to the local Beechworth pool. Then the students gathered into their house groups; Fletcher, Kerford, Sambal and Ingram.  The order of events was co-ordinated and announced by our PE teacher, Mrs Griffin. Events included freestyle, 25 mtrs and 50 mtrs, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and relays. We were so proud of the way the students competed and the persistence shown by students who were determined to finish their race no matter how far behind or how tired they were. Sambal was the house to win the day.
Lots of fun had today by the Junior classes who came down to the pool at 11.30. They participated in a rotation of three fun water activities. They had a great time bobbing for toys in the pool, riding noodle horses and moving water from one tub to another. Thank you to all of the parents who joined with us for the day and walked the Junior classes to and from the pool.
It was terrific to have the school leaders from Beechworth Secondary College who worked hard all day supporting the students and helping out with the places in the races. They are all great ambassadors for their school. And finally it great to see parents at the Carnival supporting not just their own children, but all of the competitors.