Buddy & Transition Program

At Beechworth Primary School we value the importance of the transition between pre-school and school. Our school has a positive relationship with the local pre-school and strives to ensure that every child experiences a smooth and positive start to school. Our Buddy Program supports all Prep children commencing school by creating nurturing relationships between new children and senior students, ensuring that Preps feel safe and confident in their new environment.

Each year in Term 3, our Year 5 students are paired up with a pre-school student and visit them in their pre-school environment. In Term 4 the pre-school children attend 5 transition days at Beechworth Primary School, spread over the term. The Year 5 students will greet their buddy and spend the first part of the day with them. They also play with them and offer support in the yard during break times.

This support will continue at the start of the following school year. Both students are able to develop positive relationships that continue right through the first year of the Prep student’s school education and the final year of Primary school for the Year 6 student.

Grade 6 to Grade 7

Moving from primary to secondary school is a big step for any young person. New subjects, new teachers, new structures and new friends add up to some big new challenges. At Beechworth Primary School we want to help make that experience both comfortable and exciting. We communicate with a number of public and private high schools to ensure that our enrolled students do not miss any transition opportunity.