Competition Winner! Zoe R!!

In Writer’s Club during Term 3, some of our writers entered a Colour Your Classroom competition. They were required to write about an invention that would make life easier for people. Zoe Ryder entered her idea and has become 1 of the 20 winners in the Australian competition. A representative from the business will come to the school later this term (date not yet confirmed) to present Zoe with a prize pack for herself, a certificate and a prize pack for the school.

Zoe wrote about inventing a headband that can console people and help with depression and stress. The way it does this is it detects what lobes of your brain have been most active during the day. Each lobes does something different, that’s how it identifies what amount of stress or depression you are dealing with. The band calms you down and creates a positive mindset for the consumer and can also console the user to help with their problems. There are different modules for every problem.

Well done to Zoe on her tremendous efforts!!