Cybersafety Visits

On Wednesday, 15th November 2017 the middle unit were visited by Leading Senior Constable Jaclyn Warchow. She came to talk to us about cyber safety and the correct ways to behave online. She gave us some information and strategies about what to do if we are being cyber bullied, what we can do to help others, and about kids helpline. We were very lucky to have her come and visit us.

Here are some things we took away from the presentation:

Archie: I enjoyed the safety videos because they were important.

Sarah: I found it interesting learning about how people talk to each other online, and learning about ways we can help people being bullied.

Matthew T: The information was interesting.

Eadie: It was good to learn about how you shouldn’t put your whole or real name online.

Abbey: Phones can be more dangerous than I thought.

Liam: You shouldn’t stay online too long.

Ned: It’s important to keep your accounts private otherwise your photos and information can go all over the world.

For more information please have a look at the Think U Know website, which is an initiative of the Australian Federal Police:

Think U Know Website