District and Division Swimming

The turn around in swimming was super quick this year.


District swimming was on Tuesday 19th Feb at Chiltern Pool. We had 13 students qualify for district swimming. Thank goodness it was a cooler day as our job was the official timer who sat pool sit verifying the times of all races. Thanks to all the parents who came along and cheered on the BPS team and helped me regularly remind them to slip, slop, slap 🙂

The students included:

Max R

Henry D

Jarrah E

Oliver R

Matthew M

Thea F

Eva D

Poppy V

Jade L

Ruby H

Eliza G

Montana G

Tayla P

We had 8 out of 13 students make it to divisional swimming which is a huge effort.


Divisional Swimming was on Friday 22nd Feb at Wodonga Wave where the students came up against some tough competition! Thanks to Kerrie and Garry we had a gazebo in prime location at the finishing line.

They included:

Jade L – relay, freestyle* and backstroke

Jarrah E – medley relay, freestyle and backstroke

Henry D – medley relay, breaststroke* and butterfly

Poppy V – medley relay, freestyle and breaststroke*

Matthew M – relay, freestyle and breaststroke*

Ruby H -relay and freestyle

Eliza G – relay

Montana G – relay


It appears we have a team of elite breaststroke kids 🙂 By the end of Friday the swimmers were absolutely exhausted. Two week break until regional swimming. We wish the 4 students the absolute best and looking forward to hearing about how you go.