Grade 3/4 Camp to Melbourne

The Year 3/4 students travelled to Melbourne to participated in Urban camp last week (8th – 10th November). The students had a fantastic time and were lucky enough to score some beautiful weather. We were very impressed with the students behaviour during camp. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our parent helpers, Shannon Beatson and Ben Neville. They did a fantastic job! Below are some recounts the students wrote about their time on camp, enjoy!


8th November

Ugg! Is this trip to Melbourne ever going to end? Right, I’m excited for most things, wrong, I’m entertained. I fiddled with the zipper of my bag and got out my book, Escape From Cockatoo Island, and started to read, determined to get lost in tat magical, dream-like world of words.


Hooray! Finally! I could tell others were just as relieved as me when we first saw arching buildings looming over us, ones so tall we had to cram our necks on a certain angle to see the top. “We’re in Melbourne!” someone shouted up the mini bus. “Finally!” the majority of people were looking out the windows now. “I still prefer the city.” I said to no-one in particular. “And plus, the water will taste like chlorine.” I scrunched up my face in a fashion that made it clear that was NOT a complement. “Really?” Melinda, someone sitting across the aisle from me said, attempting to raise her eyebrows but failing. “Really” I said, looking at her. “All right. We’re getting close to the Aquarium, and we’re going to stop there for lunch”. My teacher, Mr McPherson said. [Roughly] Buildings whizzed by at unnatural speed. Soon enough, the Aquarium came into view. The bus [s] slowed down, and shortly after, we were eating on soft grass, all different shades. 15 Minutes later, we were wandering around the aquarium our groups, gawking and staring at the captured sea animals. The animals were so graceful, so calm. It breaks my heart looking at those animals in tanks instead of the wild, although I know they are happy. Anyway, that was just the beginning of our Melbourne camp!

Melena Wallace


On the 8th of November the Year 3’s and 4’s left school at 7:30 to go to Melbourne camp. On the way Ruby and I were doing some commentating on the bus. When we got to the Aquarium we saw lots­­­ of fish and sharks. There was a thing, it was a tunnel. The top and sides were glass and the animals were swimming all around us, it was scary! We also saw a massive crocodile, it was fat and scaly! My other favourite place we visited was the Melbourne Museum. There were lots of interesting things to look at in the museum. I really enjoyed the camp because it was my first camp and lots of fun!

Eliza Guthrie