Junior Swimming Program Term 4, 2022

It has been terrific to have our Junior Swimming program go ahead this week. We were a little worried that the flooding may have impacted our program, but fortunately all was well. The swimming program provides quality swimming and water safety education so all students have the opportunity to:

• learn how to swim,

• develop lifelong skills in water safety to reduce their risk of drowning and injury.

Whilst at the swimming complex in Wangaratta the students also participate in a range of sports like basketball, badminton and volleyball. It really is a fabulous week to mix with the children in a social context. There will be some very tired children at the end of the week. A massive thank you to Nadine Weideman and Piper Kable for all of the planning and preparation for our Junior Swimming Program. Thank you also to our parents and helpers who came along to support us, without you this program would not be able to go ahead.