Lion’s Junior Public Speaking Contest, August 2022

We are incredibly proud of Lily Jobson, who participated in the Regional stage of the Lions Junior Public Speaking Competition last Sunday. It has been my absolute pleasure to watch Lily’s journey from her first speech in the classroom, through the Beechworth level of the competition and finally to the Regional Competition this weekend. Lily competed in the year 3 & 4 section, where the topic for the speech was “ A place I would love to visit”. Lily chose Japan. I have seen Lily’s speech grow from a short 1 minute speech to a well-developed, clever 3 minute speech, delivered with flare and confidence. The judges, Peter Croucher (Tangambalanga Lions) and Lyn Hayes (Beechworth Lions), were very impressed with the quality of all the speeches. Lily received the ‘runner-up’ award for her section. The runner up award in the Year 5 & 6 section was also picked up by another Beechworth Student, Cleaver Green from St Joseph’s College. They were both wonderful ambassadors for Beechworth, showcasing the talents that our little town holds.