Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

At Beechworth Primary School Out Of School Care (TheirCare) we work to provide a happy, safe, caring, inclusive and stimulating environment that meets the developmental needs of each child.

Through observation and warm, respectful interactions, educators can provide experiences that meet each child’s unique interests.

We believe that play is essential to young children’s learning. Educators guide and support the children by role-modelling respectful and inclusive play.

Every family is valued and their diverse backgrounds are accepted and supported. Parents are encouraged to be involved and feel part of their child’s experience at the centre at all times.

We utilise the wider community when planning our programs to support our service and acknowledge their valuable resources.

We recognise the importance of children being given a nutritious breakfast, fruit and snack while in our care.

Children gain the self-confidence to interact and communicate effectively with educators and their peers while in our care.

Phone: 0447 717 055

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