Performing Arts

At Beechworth Primary School we pride ourselves on our performing arts program. The last 10 years has seen it grow and become an annual tradition that students look forward to.

In 2023 we welcomed back our school productions. The process of getting the production on stage is a huge team effort from students, staff and families. Throughout the end of term 3 and during 4, 2 of our parents worked hard with students in creating the script, then learning and choreographing all the songs and dance routines.

The show was held over 2 nights on Wednesday and Thursday during the last few weeks of term. Students in Grade 3-6 performed on both nights and our junior students were split over the 2 nights.

We are looking forward to keeping this experience alive for the foreseeable future. Experiences like this are only able to continue with the help from families. Whether its Directing, set design, costume creating, tech support or simply helping out, everyone’s help is always welcome.

The profits from each production help to ensure that the program builds and continues the following year.

If you are interested in helping out with productions please keep an eye on the school newsletter.