Ringwood Secondary College Big Band Performance

On Friday the 2nd of November, all students at Beechworth Primary School were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the Ringwood Secondary College band perform in the Memorial Hall in Beechworth. With about 60 students touring, from Years 7 to Year 10, the band was very impressive, taking up both the stage and the space in front of it, where they demonstrated a range of instruments for the students from the known such as trumpets, drums, violins and clarinets, to some lesser known instruments like the tuba and the double bass (Oh, and parents, think very carefully if your child says they want to play the tuba, that is unless you have a sound proof room!). As always it was great to see students actively participating in these events and showing respect to the performers. There was no shortage of hands in the air wanting to have a go name the different instruments.


Throughout the performance band performed a range of songs, but one in particular “Don’t call me Maybe,” from the movie Sing was a big hit! The choir also sang a medley of songs that included Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea and Be your Best” which had lots of the junior students up dancing. It must be said though that the students weren’t the only ones to get up and dance and a great rendition of Queen’s “We will Rock you” got the teachers up dancing as well!

Providing the opportunity for students at Beechworth Primary School to engage and experience live performances, such as this one, is not only great fun, but also inspires students and to open their eyes as to what is possible for their own future.