School Values


At Beechworth Primary we strive to create a positive environment so that everyone feels welcome and included, creating a sense of belonging to our school community.

We can practice inclusion by:

•  Wearing our school uniform whilst at school.
•  Where possible, including others in our play and activities.
•  Using kind words and kind actions.


At Beechworth Primary School we have a responsibility to make the most of our learning opportunities so that we can continue to improve as learners.

We do this by:

•  Following classroom rules, which we as a class agreed to at the beginning of the year.
•  Attempting to complete all activities the teacher has given us.
•  By not continually causing disruptions during our learning time.


At Beechworth Primary School we strive to create a positive environment where students and adults are treated with dignity and respect.

We can practice RESPECT by:

•  Not using abusive or inappropriate language at school.
•  Telling the truth.
•  Following teacher instructions.
•  Taking care of our belongings and not touching other people’s belongings without their permission.
•  Using school equipment with care.


At Beechworth Primary we have the responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe.

We have these responsibilities of:

•  Staying in the school grounds at all times.
•  Asking the teacher if we wish to leave the classroom.
•  Not throwing sticks, pinecones or stones when playing in the yard.
•  Not acting aggresively or harming others.