School Values


At Beechworth Primary School we strive towards caring for ourselves, others and our environment.  We are a caring school community that displays kindness and understanding to others through our words and actions.

We demonstrate caring through:

  • Speaking to others how we would like to be spoken to
  • Considering others needs by showing generosity, patience and understanding
  • Making others feel special by including them in our games and part of a community
  • ‘Friending’ someone on the buddy bench
  • Using encouraging words 
  • Being honest
  • Looking after ourselves (exercise, good nutrition, plenty of sleep, effective hygiene practices)
  • Picking up rubbish in the yard and tidying up after ourselves in all settings


At Beechworth Primary School we seek challenges in our education and we work hard towards achieving our goals. We continually grow as individuals and as learners by giving/trying our best in the classroom, in the playground and at home.

We demonstrate persistence by:

  • Listening to feedback and taking on suggestions for improvement.
  • Persevering in academic, social  and extra-curricular activities and by knowing when to seek help.
  • Having a growth mindset to understand that mistakes and challenges are a part of learning.
  • Never giving up and seeing something through to the end.


At Beechworth Primary School, we demonstrate respect to ourselves, our peers, our teachers and visitors to the school. We also show respect to equipment and our school environment.

We demonstrate respect by:

  • Following staff instructions respectfully
  • Listening attentively to our teachers, classmates  and visitors to our school
  • Valuing the opinions of others
  • Speaking kindly and thoughtfully to each other
  • Looking after school equipment, classrooms, the school grounds and our personal belongings



At Beechworth Primary School we seek to make our school community a safe place for students, staff, families and all visitors. We share in the responsibility of keeping ourselves and others safe by:

  • Moving around the school grounds and buildings safely
  • Entering and exiting the school grounds in the correct manner 
  • Using school and individual equipment appropriately 
  • Being Cyber Safe when using technology 
  • Playing and learning in spaces where we are supervised 
  • Using all school facilities the way they are intended to be used
  • Looking out for the safety of others