SELS and Welfare

Wellbeing in our school

The role of Wellbeing Coordinator at Beechworth Primary School has now been in place for three years. The aim of the role is to implement a whole school approach to Health & Wellbeing for all our students. We take pride in the fact that our students are well known to us and we can assist them in their overall health and wellbeing. This approach means that we are able to assure our students in a variety of ways, how much we care for them. Respect in our relationship with them and their families is a vital part of their success in school.

As a school we conduct Social and Emotional Learning programs throughout the year.

In first, second and third terms this is achieved by using the program Bounce Back and the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program.

While in term four we focus on Catching on Early to promote healthy relationships.

During the year we also have opportunities to conduct small group sessions for students using programs such as Seasons for Growth and Friends for Life. These programs assist students to deal and cope with issues in their lives and to introduce them to strategies in managing their wellbeing.

A particular focus in the classrooms this year is Gratitude. By the end of the year all students will have access to a gratitude tree and will be using this tree as a platform for expressing their gratitude. Classrooms also conduct sessions like yoga, mindfulness and acts of kindness through ‘bucket filling’ activities. A great way to find out more about these activities is to ask your child.

Please feel free to make an appointment or drop in for a chat if you have any ideas about our wellbeing program or concerns about your child.