senior art

Some of the year 5/6 students experimenting with our new equipment.

We recently got some new equipment to use in the Senior art classes. Some of the 5/6 students were lucky enough to experiment with the wood burning tools this week. They found that they aren’t as easy to use as you would think!! As we know practising and patience help us to improve our skills and mastering this technique will require a lot of both.

We also revisited the basic skills of measuring, cutting and gluing last week to remind us that to learn new techniques we need to have a sound skill set to begin with.

Kodi’s PERFECT cube became a mini ‘Men’s Shed’

The students revisited their basic skill set last week, to remind them of the need to have solid basic art skills when learning new skills and techniques.

Practising our basic skills of measuring, cutting and pasting to achieve a great result.