Senior Unit (5-6)

The senior learning unit is an exciting place to be. We have two senior classes that are located within the BER (Building Education Revolution). The building stands out as a modern, forward thinking and flexible environment. It’s open planned structure allows for plentiful natural light which make them vibrant spaces to learn in. Open areas encourage team teaching and learning as well as allowing for grouping for specific needs.

At the senior level there is the expectation that students will assume leadership roles and be positive role models within the school community. This means teachers facilitate opportunities for all students to build on their leadership qualities as well as identifying their own personal strengths that they can bring to being a leader. Roles such as school captains, sports captains, lead roles in production and SRC are examples of opportunities available for Grade 6’s. Grade 5’s get the opportunity to be buddies to the incoming Foundation students. This program enables Grade 5’s to provide support and guidance to these students. They form positive and healthy relationships through regular buddy activities and interactions.

A favourite on the school calendar is our senior school camps. In odd years we travel to Canberra to see the major landmarks. In even years we go bush and head to Borambola for an adventure camp. These camps are not compulsory and generally cost approximately between $400-$500.