Simultaneous Reading Time

National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is an annual event that aims to engage children of all ages to enjoy books by creating a sense of excitement around reading. This year, we joined in on an intergalactic adventure ‘Give Me Some Space!’ written by Phillip Bunting. For the first time ever, not only was the official story for National Simultaneous Storytime be read by over 1 MILLION kids across Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday 19th May 2021, but it was also be read by astronauts from the International Space Station!

This year’s story is about Una, who plans to become an astronaut herself one day, and to go out into space and search for life amongst the stars. The story was read to the whole school Assembly at BPS by a visitor from outer space. Our visitor arrived in her own personal rocket.

Across the remainder of the day the student engaged in a range of learning experiences with a connection to space. These include exploration of our Solar System, Maths coded problems, art and craft activities and literacy activities.