Beechworth Primary School provides an extensive Sporting program for all students, Prep through to Year 6. The school offers a specialist Physical Education program where students will complete 45mins of PE with our PE Teacher each week. The goal is to provide ongoing opportunities for students to practise and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills in sport and games. While maintaining and enhancing their own and others’ health and wellbeing.

We also offer:

  • Swimming – Intensive program for Prep to Year 6 students.
  • Swimming Sports Carnival – whole school.
  • Athletics Carnival – whole school Prep to Year 6.
  • Cross Country Running – Year 3 to 6 students.
  • Opportunities for students to compete at District, Regional and State Swimming and Athletic events.
  • Winter Carnival Event – Interschool competition for winter sports such as Football, Soccer, Netball, Hockey and T-Ball.
  • Expert instruction and equipment from external providers.
  • Support in the application process for those wishing to try out for development in representative sports.