St John’s First Aid

The knowledge and skills gained in the First Aid in Schools Program develops First Aid awareness in school children and contributes to building a more resilient community. This learning is age-appropriate and integrates with the Victoria Curriculum F-10.

This week, each class participated in a 45 minute lesson with content appropriate to their age and year level. Students learnt how to help out in an emergency. The first thing being to make sure that there is no danger to ourselves so that we don’t become a casualty rather then a helper. Across the school students a given the message to ring 000 in an emergency and how the person on the other end of the phone will support them. The junior classes were taught a very clever rap to help them to remember what to do. Classes from Year 5 and 6 have been learning CPR, which they have found both engaging and valuable.

We ran these classes 2 years ago (we were not able to run it last year due to COVID) and I know of at least 2 incidents where one of our BPS students who learnt these skills was able to put this knowledge into practice and confidently helped as a first responder in a emergency.