Swimming Carnival 18/19! And the winner is…..

And the winner is…..

Fletcher! The mighty green!

Friday we held our belated swimming carnival from 2018. It was a beautiful day for it considering the sweltering weather of the previous weeks.

We had great participation and enthusiasm from the students who tried their best in every race.

The final tally stood at…

Ingram 87

Kerferd 105

Sambell 156

Fletcher 157

Hats off to our parent helpers who supported us to keep the day as smooth as possible! Kerrie Lawrence, Adam Castagna (cheering master), Kim Taylor and Michelle Mace. Also a big thanks to the community/staff members who stepped up to help us on the day out of the utter goodness of their hearts: Genevieve Love, Kylie Love and Rick Robinson. A huge thanks to Jane Nicholas and Jackie Mooney for all their support with helping get this event happening so close to the start of the school year.

Notes for District swimming will be handed out this week.

Dates for the swimming diary. District 19th Feb. Divisional 22nd Feb. Regional 6th March.

Kate Lindner (Tag)