Term 4 updates from the Art Room!

Junior Art

The term is moving quickly and already we are up to Week 5! All Junior grades have been working hard on their weaving skills and have successfully progressed to sewing. In the following weeks, students will create a Visual Artwork designed by themselves. In Foundation O’Brien and Foundation One Dunstan there will be evidence of sewing with running stitch to create an object or their personal initials. Students have began the task by following the lines with ribbon and some students have chosen to attach beads as their embellishment. These our looking amazing and I am constantly surprised and thrilled at the capabilities of our youngest students!

In Grade One Two Weidmann and Two Bowey, their visual artwork will have applique (fabric attached by glue and stitch) to their main work, running stitch throughout and embellishments of beads, buttons and anything else that takes their fancy!! The designs on their artwork have been completed by themselves and are constantly improving each session.

Senior Art

Over the past few weeks the grade 3 & 4 students have been busy in the art room making the components for their “Pop-up” puppets, hopefully next week we will be able to assemble them and they just might be as interesting as my attempt…..the clown (although almost all students commented that it was “SCARY” after having watched “IT”)
Some of the pictures below are the pieces to Ties’s puppet, can you guess what it is going to be??? Hopefully we will reveal it next week.