On Monday 1st October Miss Dunstan stood up in front of the school to talk about Walk to School. Miss Dunstan encouraged everyone to walk, ride or scoot to school. If you couldn’t walk to school Miss Dunstan encouraged them to walk to walk to the bus stop or even simple to just walk around the school during recess. In every classroom there is a piece of paper with everyone’s name in that class. Everyday each student had to tick off whether they walked, rode or scootered to school on that day, they had to do that every day of the month of October. On Friday 2nd November there is four different locations where teachers will be to walk us to school. When we get to school there will be a healthy breakfast for students and teachers to enjoy. – Takoda Elmer 4/5Dunstan


Over the last month Miss Dunstan has been holding a program called Walk to School. This program encourages students to walk, scoot and ride to school more often. Every time we ride or scoot to or from school we get a tick on our chart. At the end of October the Indigo Shire counts up how many times we walked, rode or scooted to school and we get a certificate saying the total of times we walked, rode or scooted to and from school. Also during the month Miss Dunstan has been holding a colouring competition. We could either colour shoe, scooter or bike. At the end of the month all the students meet up at different locations at different times such as the Chinese Garden, the Post Office, the corner of Havelock and Balaclava and also the Beechworth Secondary College. – Elsey Neville 4/5Dunstan

 On November 2nd Beechworth Primary School held a Walk to School Day event. There was 4 meeting points around Beechworth to meet teachers including the Chinese Gardens, corner of Havelock and Balaclava, Beechworth Post Office and Beechworth Secondary College. When we arrived there was a bug heathy breakfasts waiting for us, so we had breakfast and then headed to class. – Ruby Hartvigsen 4/5Dunstan


It has been a great opportunity to explore the many benefits of exercise as part of our daily routine activities. Our Before School OSHC group did an amazing job chopping up our fruit and preparing for our breakfast, thank you guys!! We would like to thank Maddie Dunstan and Anna Mackinlay of Beechworth Health Service for their work and support in making our Walk-to-School month a success. Thank you to Indigo Shire Council, Bendigo Bank and Albury/Wodonga Foodshare for their support for our event by providing a fabulous breakfast for everyone!